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Administrative Law

There can be many reasons why you may need an administrative lawyer by your side. At Rizk Law, we work with you to give you a sense of the options, benefits and risks going forward.​

Personal Injury

You’ve been hurt. You did nothing wrong. You simply want to get better and get your life back on track. At Rizk Law, we know the frustration that clients who have been injured go through.​

Civil Fraud

Fraud takes shape in many different ways. Although victims of fraud experience their stories in a way that may feel unique only to them, almost all fraudulent schemes are centred around obtaining money by illegitimate means.

About Sherif Rizk

Sherif Rizk is a lawyer and the principal of Rizk Law. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, and has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Small Claims Court on a number of occasions. He has experience representing clients before various types of courts and tribunals in Ontario.

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